What are clients saying about Structural Integration.

Katerina Satori

To Activate The Body Is To Stretch It…
And the deepest activation happens on the level of the fascia.

Hi, my name is Katerina Satori, I am an entrepreneur, mentor, and digital marketer, and I spent countless hours in front of my laptop.

Hello, posture problems, energy blocks in the body, and a lot of stress-related issues.

Working with Jose, I have learned more about my body in few sessions than in my entire life.

I have learned the exact locations where my body holds the most stress and the ways to release it at will.

I have learned the next level of respect and awareness for how the body works.

What I appreciate the most about Jose is the level of mastery he had developed in structural integration.

He brings all his presence, centered energy and patience to the process, explaining how each session will benefit your well-being and optimal performance in life and business.

That was the most valuable part for me in the entire experience: not only receive the body alignment but also gain a whole new level of understanding how I can interact with my body’s structure in a more healthy way.

I highly recommend Jose if you are looking to improve your relationship with your own body, learn to transmute stress through awareness, and improve your performance in your business/life.

Katerina Satori.

Leslie E.

First of all, this man is very easy to be around. You will feel very comfortable.

In just one look he can see where your body is out of alignment and knows what to do.

and i still have 7 more sessions to go! (I’ve done 3.) What was most impressive was after he worked on one side, he had me get up and walk around to feel the difference. It was so obvious that I could actually see the difference in the mirror.

After years of endless massages, I think I have finally found the MOST EFFECTIVE FORM OF BODYWORK.

I am training a lot lately and would have had to take time off had I not made the decision to see Jose over the last few weeks. I am so very grateful and excited to allow my newly trained structure to emerge with ease….Ahhhhhh!!!!!

Elizabeth S.

José Luis is a truly gifted practitioner. He has an extensive knowledge of SI and explains the process in a clear and understandable way throughout the sessions. He has enabled me to feel more connected to my body, breathe deeper, move more freely, and stand taller.

I had a lot of pain, specifically in my neck, before going to see José Luis, and after sessions with him, the pain is not there anymore and I even have more movement in my neck than before…pain free!

Besides being an amazing practitioner, José Luis also has a very comforting and calming energy about him, which I feel is very important. This is a deep practice and I felt safe and taken care of the entire time, he has a very nurturing way about him, which is such an important part of the success of the experience.

I can’t say enough about the benefits this has brought me, I can’t remember feeling this good.

Serra-Lynn S.

I came to Jose Luis in excruciating pain.  Some injuries from childhood had been slowly creeping up on me & hit a crescendo.  I couldn’t even breath without wanting to climb out of my body & was beginning to lose hope.  It took a few sessions until I was really feeling back to normal since the series works in a specific order & certain things had to be released before we could even get to the root of the problems.  However, even after the first session I began to notice a difference.  You hear of the work being painful & I thin this deters many people from trying it, yet Jose Luis’ touch is gentle yet effective.  I have been recommending Him to everyone as I think everyone should do this work in order to be more fully ourselves.

Sherri S.

I have been searching for over 20 years for something to help with my chronic pain in my neck my shoulders my back. I have finally found the help I’ve been seeking -structural integration with Jose Luis!!!
Wow I can’t thank you enough for how much better my body feels – each session I just get better and better.
He has the skills, knowledge and gifted hands. Thank you

Karin Edwards Wagner

José Luis is a skilled and knowledgeable practitioner. Structural Integration is a powerful method for making lasting changes in structure and movement. Highly recommended for athletes and dancers, the young and the old, actually really for anyone who lives in a human body.

Nicole de Pasquale

Beautiful studio; very relaxing and tranquil with beautiful views and an ocean breeze which helps to relax the body and the mind. José Luis’s knowledge and professionalism was the foundation of an amazing experience. His calm nature and gentle touch made it easy to feel safe and comfortable throughout the sessions.
His ability to communicate how the body works allowed me to become more aware of what I was doing to my body and how to fix it. He was able to teach me how to reach from my spine and to allow my hands to propel my arms, not from my shoulders, which has made a significant difference in my everyday functioning. Throughout the series, he provides movement skills that will help keep your machine working correctly.
The SI work opened my body up and freed most of the restrictions I was experiencing.